Monday, December 31, 2012

Highlights of 2012 and Resolutions for 2013

Highlights of 2012

I got a new car. Thank you for my beloved husband who always give me 'almost' everything I wanted.

I became an aunty. My baby niece is born and she is so adorable. I love her so much!

I started my makeup artist business :) see my portfolio!

I opened an etsy store. This is like my baby to me.. Sephene Jewelry on Etsy

I am so grateful for everything that Jesus has done in my life, my family that has molded me to be who I am today, and of course my husband who always support me in everything. 

New Year Resolutions 2013
  1.  I have made some resolutions for 2012, but I never reach my goal :( so my first new year resolution is to be more discipline and to have a stronger principle.
  2. To improve my communication skills and making my own decisions. 
  3. Spend at least 1 day per week to develop my business(es).  
  4. Do not waste money by eating out, starbucks, and excessive shopping. Instead save at least 40% every paychecks. 
  5. Be healthy. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Exercise at least 2 times a week. Hopefully loose 40 lbs.
Thank you for reading :) Happy new year to everyone !! All the best in the new year peeps.. 

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Top 10 beauty products of 2012

Most of these products are new discoveries in 2012. Or they are products that are not replaceable.

[face] Foundation
Guerlain Parure Extreme Luminous Extreme Wear Foundation
I really love this foundation. It blended really well, cover my acnes (active + acne scars) and it lasted a long time. However, since I have an oily skin this does not stay matte throughout the day, but this still perform better than any other foundation that I have tried.
I feel like my skin is becoming more sensitive nowadays. A lot of foundation leaves me acne the next day after I wore a foundation for a day. This Guerlain foundation keeps my skin clear the next day :)

[face] Bronzer
Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder
This bronzer really leave a HEALTHY glow on your face. Most bronzer looks like I put some dirt on my face.

[face] Blush
Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush (my color: Achiote)
This is a perfect matte pinky peach blush. Since my face is oily I don't need extra shimmer like the NARS orgasm blush. This blush is actually stays on throughout the day too!

[eyes] Eyebrow
Chanel Crayon Sourcils Sculpting Eyebrow Pencil (my color: Brun Cendre)
This has made my eye brow shaping so much easier. I use to use an eyeshadow to fill in my brow, but it is more convenient to have color + brush in one. Since it is a crayon, it does gives you the waxy feeling that put your brows in place. The downside is I do have to sharpen this pencil. I know there are retractable pencil such as Dior, but the retractable pencil finish really quick!

[eyes] Eyeliner
Giorgio Armani 'Eyes to Kill Acqua' Waterproof Eyeliner
I am serious, everyone needs to try this! This is the best thing that has ever happen to me! This pencil is VERY black. It is long lasting.. It is very soft. I normally line my eyes and smudge it with bobbi brown gel-eyeliner brush - I can easily create the perfect cat-eye with this technique.

[eyes] Mascara Base
Shiseido Nourishing Mascara Base
I have been so loyal to this product - I have use it for years and gone through so many tubes. I cant wear any mascara without this base. This is the only thing that can keeps my eyelashes curled.

[eyes] Mascara
Yves Saint Laurent 'Volume Effet Faux Cils' Waterproof Mascara
This is the only volumizing mascara that does not clump and/or weigh down my eyelashes. Love.

[lips] Lipstick
Tom Ford Private Blend Lipstick
If you think you have found the best lipstick. Think AGAIN. I have tried so many different lipsticks brands and formula, Tom Ford lipsticks are so moisturizing, EXCELLENT staying power, and somehow the bold colors (red, purple, fushia) never bleeds on my lips even without lipliner.

[tools] Brush
MAC 129 Powder/Blush Brush
There is only 1 face brush that I use everyday. It is the MAC 129. I use it to put setting powder, bronzer, and blush. Less is more ;)

Chanel Gardenia
I am starting to love Chanel perfumes. I really love a lot of their scents. I just got the 'beige' scent and I am thinking of buying 'jersey' next year. But this gardenia is really addictive. I can spray as much as I  want and it won't be too overpowering. GARDÉNIA is an olfactive ode to the camellia, Mademoiselle Chanel's favorite flower. A vanilla base rises to meet a heart of sweet fruit and creamy gardenia petals, accented with coconut. The packaging is really elegant with a self-closing magnetic cap.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my top 10 products. I would love to know what are your top 10 products of 2012. Leave them down below.

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lancome Hypnose Drama {Waterproof}

Background - I have a short, straight asian lashes.

Lancome HYPNÔSE DRAMA WATERPROOF does pretty good job at volumizing and keeping my eyelashes curled. The wand of this mascara is pretty crazy. 

My normal mascara routine is to curled my eyelashes first with Shu Uemura eyelash curler. Then I really love priming the eyelashes with Shiseido Nourushing Mascara Base. I really love layering mascaras. I find that a lot of volumizing mascara do tend to clump. So I usually find a "separating" mascara to brush off the clumps and my all time favorite is Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara.

I think this mascara is pretty good. I still prefer YSL Volume Effect Faux Cils Mascara. I did a blogpost on that --> HERE. The YSL is more volumizing and I think the crazy brush on the lancome makes it hard to use the mascara.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

DiorSnow Skincare [Haul]

Diorsnow is a clinically proven brightening treatment collection that evens the complexion, diminishes the appearance of dark spots and increases radiance. Powered by Icelandic glacial water and Dior's exclusive transparency-enhancing complex, the new formulas counteract skin acidity and target all five features of a radiant complexion (evenness, luminosity, moisture, texture and plumpness) for even faster and more effective brightening results. Immediately skin is illuminated with a flawless, even radiance that is intensified day after day.

Nourishes, softens and primes the skin for optimal brightening results.

Diorsnow D-NA Control White Reveal Day Essence is an ultra-penetrating day serum that delivers the highest concentration of brightening ingredients to help control DNA activity, brighten the skin and reveal a perfectly even complexion.

Lightweight fluid brightens the skin and helps regulate sebum to minimize pores, smooth and refine the skin's texture and create a perfectly matte and even complexion

Powerful night concentrate helps reverse the chain reaction at the origin of melanin production to brighten the skin and correct and prevent the appearance of dark spots.

Ultra-refreshing, lightweight cream delivers a potent concentration of birch sap and hibiscus extract to offer 24-hour hydration and spectacular plumping action to dull, lackluster skin. Steeped in moisture and intensely plumped, the skin glows with natural radiance and renewed vitality.

I have heard so many good things about DiorSnow. In addition, the reviews on both Norstrom website and Sephora are really positive. Therefore, I decided to splurge on this skincare line. 

I think this is the worst condition that my skin experience since puberty. It feels terrible - my self-esteem dropped. I cant really wear makeups everyday because I dont really wants to clog my pores on daily basis. My sister and my co-worker told me that it is actually normal to break out at this age, 25, because it is actually when our hormones starting to change again. Below is pictures that I just took a few minutes ago.

I have both active acne and acne scarring. So we will see how this DiorSnow actually works on my skin. I will definitely keep you guys updated. Also, if you ever try this DiorSnow or currently using them. Please, please, please let me know what you think about them. 

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ciaté 'Mini Mani' Set || Fade To Greige

I have been shopping a little bit.. and this is one of them :)

I got Ciaté 'Mini Mani' Set :) This set is available both at Nordstrom and Sephora.

The Mini Mani Set is gorgeously packaged with:
- 17 of Ciaté's bestselling mini Paint Pots.
- 4 mini Caviar blends.
- 3 exclusive Paint Pot glitter shades.

It is kind of nice to get so many different polishes for $58.. Although they come in smaller bottle, who needs a full size polish? I never finish a bottle of nail polish, it usually ended up drying. 

I never try any Ciate polishes, so it is a good way to tested out a brand. 
It is kind of sad that these polishes are made in China! It cost $15 for a full size bottle and the brushes/applicator does not feel as smooth as other high quality brands such as Deborah Lippmann or Butter. 

The design on Ciate bottles are cute though; curvy bottle with a slim top handle and accented with bow at the front. 

Fade To Greige is a purplish dark gray. This polish turns opaque with 2 coats.
It is a perfect color for fall. 

I will definitely update you guys about the staying power of Ciate nail polishes.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Chanel [565] Beige

Quick nail of the week. Beige by Chanel. It is a nude (very yellow base) with purple/magenta micro glitter. I honestly cannot really see the glitter once the polish applied to the nails in any sort of lighting. 

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

TOM FORD Cherry Lush

Okay. I cannot believe that I never posted anything about TOM FORD lipsticks.

By far, from my own experience, this is the best lipstick I have ever tried.
It is very moisturizing. 
The texture is very buttery. 
Smells like vanilla (very similar to MAC lipsticks).
It last very long. I start wearing this at 6 am in the morning, it lasted till I have my lunch around 1pm. It even lasted after I ate lunch.
It does not bleed! because even it is moisturizing, it does dries to a matte finish.

My second favorite lipstick brand would be YSL!

Tom Ford Private Blend Lipstick in Cherry Lush is your cooler/bluish red tone lipsticks.
Very classy and it will looks really good on any skin tone. 
I wore this with CHANEL LE CRAYON LÈVRES PRECISION LIP DEFINER (Color: Rouge Profond #57).

I know I look kind of weird here, but I just want to show you that cooler/bluish tone lip color does give you amazing teeth whitening effect. It is because cool tone contrast your warm/yellow tone in your teeth :)

Please tell me what is your favorite lipstick? I really love buying a new lipstick!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

MAC Vintage Vamp {Marilyn Monroe Collection}

This is a oxblood, vampy color that is very popular right now - either for nail color or lip color.

yay or nay?

I like this color, because it gives an illusion that I have lighter complexion. Hehe. typical asian.

Btw, I really want the lipsticks from this collection, but it is sold out EVERYWHERE. So if you love lip color, get them!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Holiday Season 2012

I love this time of the year: The Holiday Season
The warm and fuzzy feeling.
So much love
So much Shopping :)

Starting with Sephora Sale :)

Then my co-worker and I are COW (Customer of the week) at Starbucks!
If you are not familiar with this - so basically we get free drinks for the whole week. We can even come as many times as we want! But it is only for that Starbucks location :)
OMG! we are going to save so much money, means more shopping! *exaggeration*

Thanksgiving is around the corner. I am not big on this holiday I am just looking forward for days off from work! :D

Besides Sephora sale, there is going to be a 10-points Nordstrom event. Usually is at the beginning of December. So I normally buy cosmetics brands that Sephora does not carry. Such as Chanel, Giorgio Armani, MAC, Tom Ford. There are a lot of Giorgio Armani products that I would love to try!

After the Nordstrom sale, it comes my birthday! 

Then Christmas. Then new year.. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

How-To: Easy French Mani

Hello! I will be showing you the experiment that I have been wanting to do since I saw this on pinterest: easy french manicure.

Three things that you need:
1. Reinforcement labels - I got this at drugstore for $1.99 comes with 500 labels
2. Base color polish - I choose Butter London Teddy Girl
3. Tip color polish - I am using Butter London Lovely Jubbly 

** Butter London Lovely Jubbly is very beautiful glitter nail polish but these images do not do justice on how pretty this polish is. It is a vibrant magenta nail glitter with red, blue, gold micro-particles. When lights are reflecting on your nails, it's like diamonds on your nails **

to see more swatches at Temptalia.

First step is to apply the base color and make sure it is completely dry. 

To save the labels, I cut them into half (as if I will run out tomorrow - I got 500 labels!! Hehe) 

Then, place the half-cut label on the nails and start painting the tip color. For me putting the labels are the most challenging part because you have to actually make it centered and even height for all nails. As you can see, I kind of chipped my index finger's base color polish!

Wait until tips are completely dry, peel off label gently.

... and Viola! Your french mani is done :)

Once you applied top coat, the chip become less visible. 

Good luck!

Please post the photo on my FB page if you decide to try this! I would love to see them!

I want to remind you guys Butter London is currently having their friends and family sale. Details HERE.

I guess I am in a PINK mode at the moment. I dolled up my macbook pro :) 
It's so pretty. I love it so much. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Vanessa 8 months

she has such a sweet smile. Look at her little dimple... I just want to kiss you!

Aaaww... It broke my heart when I see this picture... I want to hold, hug and comfort my baby niece.

Butter London Friends and Family Sale! {November 2012}

Hello girls! For those of you who is a nail polish junkies, Butter London is having their friends and family sale... Take advantage of this before Wednesday, November 7th, 2012. I thought I just share with you guys! 

Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Nail Polish Collection

Whee ~ I just reorganize my nail polishes into this shoe organizer thing that I got from Bed, Bath, and Beyond for just $14.99 :)

I really want to get a nail polish rack before, but I figure, this will be a easier and cheaper way to store my nail polishes. With nail polish rack I have to like drill holes on my walls etc etc. In addition, this will be easier to move around. 

Okay... so here's more detailed of the above picture!

On the very top layer I put on all my basics like base coat, top coat, cuticle oils. On the right side I put in all the tools - like nail clipper, konad stamps (which i think does not work really well), and some stickers (easy way to do nail arts)

On the 2nd layer are my glittery top coats, nudes, browns, and high-end reds.

3rd layer are my pinks, corals, hot pinks, and deeper/wine reds

4th layer are my purple, magentas, darker purples, and very dark purples.

5th layer are my greens, aqua or any color that contains both green and blue, blues, and dark blues.

6th layer are my lower-end red, taupe colors, the last 2 columns are white, gray and blacks.

The last layer are my yellows/gold, oranges, and color that looks funky and my lotions!

My favorite nail polish brands are definitely are Deborah Lippmann and Chanel. I feel their polishes are really good quality and easy to apply. They often comes up with really unique colors too :)

I got this nail polish organization idea from Ingrid (missglamorazzi)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Random || What is in my Sephora shopping bag ?!

This is a sneak peek in a life of a make-up junkie...

I am in shock when I saw the amount! 

They are basically my compulsive shopping spree. I put every color on GUERLAIN Rouge G De Guerlain L'Extrait and HOURGLASS Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick. Some Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and foundation because my friend have been obsessing about it.. the new bare mineral powder. 

But yeah, this is how I shop! 

(I just bought the entire collection of the new MAC office hour collection -_-")

Just so you know... I am not buying all this... this is beyond crazy... I might though when I got the yearly 20% that sephora usually offers at the beginning of November! 

Let me know what is in your shopping list. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Deborah Lippmann | Modern Love

Hello there! This is a fall 2012 collection by Deborah Lippmann. There is another one that came along with this polish. More fun and playful color - Let's go crazy. 

Modern Love is a taupe/pinkish nude. It is very classy and elegant. My co-worker loves it so much that I gave away my first bottle and I have to re-purchase another one ASAP. I have no color like this in my collection (2 -almost-full- drawers)

Just so you know Deborah Lippmann came up with a new labeling font! It's not fake or anything! Below image shown the comparison between the new label (modern love) and the older one (prelude to a kiss).

Finally the image that I am sure you guys have been waiting for: the SWATCH!
There! I am not lying about how pretty and elegant this color is! It is perfect for a nice dinner date, office, presentation, and others... 

I am sorry for my absence! I have been pretty occupied with work and make-up sessions with clients (not complaining). I have been in a special project too! I have designed a few bracelets that is now for sale on my etsy store - Sephene Jewelry. Do visit please! They are handmade by me :) Let me know if you like the jewelry in the comment section please :)

Thank you for reading
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Friday, September 14, 2012

MAC Office Hour Collection

I really like this ad campaign!

and ... I found a tutorial that reminds me of this look!

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