Saturday, November 3, 2012

How-To: Easy French Mani

Hello! I will be showing you the experiment that I have been wanting to do since I saw this on pinterest: easy french manicure.

Three things that you need:
1. Reinforcement labels - I got this at drugstore for $1.99 comes with 500 labels
2. Base color polish - I choose Butter London Teddy Girl
3. Tip color polish - I am using Butter London Lovely Jubbly 

** Butter London Lovely Jubbly is very beautiful glitter nail polish but these images do not do justice on how pretty this polish is. It is a vibrant magenta nail glitter with red, blue, gold micro-particles. When lights are reflecting on your nails, it's like diamonds on your nails **

to see more swatches at Temptalia.

First step is to apply the base color and make sure it is completely dry. 

To save the labels, I cut them into half (as if I will run out tomorrow - I got 500 labels!! Hehe) 

Then, place the half-cut label on the nails and start painting the tip color. For me putting the labels are the most challenging part because you have to actually make it centered and even height for all nails. As you can see, I kind of chipped my index finger's base color polish!

Wait until tips are completely dry, peel off label gently.

... and Viola! Your french mani is done :)

Once you applied top coat, the chip become less visible. 

Good luck!

Please post the photo on my FB page if you decide to try this! I would love to see them!

I want to remind you guys Butter London is currently having their friends and family sale. Details HERE.

I guess I am in a PINK mode at the moment. I dolled up my macbook pro :) 
It's so pretty. I love it so much. 


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    1. Astri, aku beli di drugstore ato di toko buku gitu seharusnya ada.
      FYI: aku tinggal di Amerika, engga tau di indonesia ada produksi beginian ato engga yah.

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