Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sneak Peek of HelloIndo march/april 2012 edition + nail of the day

These are some sneak peek of the works I have been collaborating with HelloIndo magazine. I did the make-up for the fashion spread for the models.. and hopefully, my first beauty section in HelloIndo magazine will be included in march/april 2012 edition!

Fashion Spread
Beauty Section

When I went to california, I stopped by Fashion Island {it's an outdoor mall} because I know there is one of the Inglot store in USA. {Inglot is a make-up company from Poland <-- where Wally's dad come from}. Wally is so kind, he let me buy a lot of make-up stuffs that I was there! He's usually does let me buy any make-ups!!  

I got the make up brush belt.. because I know MAC does not sells one on their free standing store, I am not sure about their PRO stores. Anyway, Inglot is so much cheaper compare to MAC.. This brush belt cost me about $45. 

And of course, I have to get some of their amazing eye-shadows. I choose more taupe and purply shades because I own a lot of neutrals and browns.

Last night, I painted my nails again... this is Wet n Wild {On a Trip / En voyage} + Jesse's Girl {Confetti}
The brush of this Wet n Wild is so big, it covers my whole nails - I don't know if it makes the application easier or harder; you can coat your nail with one swipe but it can get messy!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

{officially} Happy Valentine's Day!!
From a gemologist perspective, it is very rare to see this kind of inclusion {a heart shape} in a diamond. 

I came home from work to find a dozen of pink roses and home cooked meal - from appetizer to dessert! I should have taken the food pictures.. *urgh! mad at myself - amateur blogger* but yeah! I learn from my mistakes, I'll def took pictures of everything! 
He cooks: fresh garlic cheese bread as an appetizer, angel hair pasta with garlic + brocolli as a main course, and yummy strawberry with risotto in coconut citrus creamy sauce as dessert. Thank you! 
He prepare everything according to me.. there's no meat at all.
This is way more romantic as I know that he put so much effort in making this possible.. <3

I hope all of you have a good valentine's night!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sayang 26th Birthday!

Today is my Sayang 26th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! Hehehe 
We went to his parents house yesterday to celebrate

so cute, I love you!
Then, I went to the gym last night! Im so proud! but when I weigh myself in the morning I gained 1 lbs - what a disappointment.. I ate a lot at his parents house though.. because his mom always cook delicious food! So i did elliptical machine for 50 mins. I normally did 30 mins only thats a progress :)

This morning I painted my nail with my new Spring 2012 polish color from Laura Mercier. The color is Cabana - it is a coral color. They have 5 new polish colors. and I love all of them! It is a flat color without sparkle or sheen or glitter. But the finish is like gel-ly finish and the colors are fun!

Some update about the previous nail polish. The polish has minute chipped only on my right hand because we use our right hand more! and its 6 days! but I really have a feeling that I got a good base and top coat. I would recommend to everyone! GO BUY DEBORAH LIPPMANN haha I have not really try other brands though. The only one I have tried is the Revlon.. and I am sure it does not work as good as deborah lippmann, I have tried Orly top coat but after a few use, it become really thick.

Okay that's all Im going to spend his birthday going around. He does not like the LV wallet that I got him, so we have to return it back.. :( 

Some update from Walter's birthday... We ate 3 cakes all together!

the second cake

he's so handsome and skinny here <3

blowing candles on the 3rd cake!



Thursday, February 9, 2012

After more than at least 3 years...

After at least 3 years... I went to the dentist today!! I am so happy with the result that my teeth and gums are healthy and there is no cavity! But when I got home, I asked Walter to check my teeth.. and he told me that my teeth are not completely clean! Im so sad! but whatever my insurance covers 100% of it. Ill just have to wait for another 6 months and hopefully it will be completely clean!! :)

Some update about the weight lost! I have been slacking off... I have lost 5 lbs since January but thats all! I was really motivated on the first few weeks of January with my exercise and diet! Im pretty good with my exercise I, at least, went to the gym twice a week BUT I really have a hard time with controlling my mouth!! I still go to starbucks almost everyday and eat chips all the time..!! Okay, next week I will go to the gym 3 times a week and I can only go to starbucks 2 times.. and 1 bag of chip.. haha! --- ridiculously bad!

Anyway, on Tuesday I painted my nails.. This is YSL Spring 2012 nail collection. I don't know if the polish is good or I just have a good base coat (Deborah Lippmann - Ridge Filler). But, it turns opaque with just one coat! Its been full 2 days and it have not chip.. I am not crazy about the color, I feel its like a normal green with silver sheen/sparkles.

So some changes again! I guess I will use this blog again to express my obsession with make-up and use my other blog strictly for make up looks or portfolio that I have done.. I am currently obsessed with nail polishes and lipsticks - not just a normal lipsticks, but a colorful ones... !!
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