Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sayang 26th Birthday!

Today is my Sayang 26th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! Hehehe 
We went to his parents house yesterday to celebrate

so cute, I love you!
Then, I went to the gym last night! Im so proud! but when I weigh myself in the morning I gained 1 lbs - what a disappointment.. I ate a lot at his parents house though.. because his mom always cook delicious food! So i did elliptical machine for 50 mins. I normally did 30 mins only thats a progress :)

This morning I painted my nail with my new Spring 2012 polish color from Laura Mercier. The color is Cabana - it is a coral color. They have 5 new polish colors. and I love all of them! It is a flat color without sparkle or sheen or glitter. But the finish is like gel-ly finish and the colors are fun!

Some update about the previous nail polish. The polish has minute chipped only on my right hand because we use our right hand more! and its 6 days! but I really have a feeling that I got a good base and top coat. I would recommend to everyone! GO BUY DEBORAH LIPPMANN haha I have not really try other brands though. The only one I have tried is the Revlon.. and I am sure it does not work as good as deborah lippmann, I have tried Orly top coat but after a few use, it become really thick.

Okay that's all Im going to spend his birthday going around. He does not like the LV wallet that I got him, so we have to return it back.. :( 

Some update from Walter's birthday... We ate 3 cakes all together!

the second cake

he's so handsome and skinny here <3

blowing candles on the 3rd cake!



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