Thursday, February 9, 2012

After more than at least 3 years...

After at least 3 years... I went to the dentist today!! I am so happy with the result that my teeth and gums are healthy and there is no cavity! But when I got home, I asked Walter to check my teeth.. and he told me that my teeth are not completely clean! Im so sad! but whatever my insurance covers 100% of it. Ill just have to wait for another 6 months and hopefully it will be completely clean!! :)

Some update about the weight lost! I have been slacking off... I have lost 5 lbs since January but thats all! I was really motivated on the first few weeks of January with my exercise and diet! Im pretty good with my exercise I, at least, went to the gym twice a week BUT I really have a hard time with controlling my mouth!! I still go to starbucks almost everyday and eat chips all the time..!! Okay, next week I will go to the gym 3 times a week and I can only go to starbucks 2 times.. and 1 bag of chip.. haha! --- ridiculously bad!

Anyway, on Tuesday I painted my nails.. This is YSL Spring 2012 nail collection. I don't know if the polish is good or I just have a good base coat (Deborah Lippmann - Ridge Filler). But, it turns opaque with just one coat! Its been full 2 days and it have not chip.. I am not crazy about the color, I feel its like a normal green with silver sheen/sparkles.

So some changes again! I guess I will use this blog again to express my obsession with make-up and use my other blog strictly for make up looks or portfolio that I have done.. I am currently obsessed with nail polishes and lipsticks - not just a normal lipsticks, but a colorful ones... !!

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