Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year !!

On this new year eve, we (my family and I) are going to Las Vegas!! Im so excited since the flight was cancelled before due to the stupid snow in Seattle. Well, its better this time as we are going to visit the neighbouring cities too such as Los angeles and San Fransisco :) In addition, I have a new camera too!! So I can take a lot of beautiful picturess :)

Today, my order from urban decay and victoria secret came !! Make me more happy !!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Best Christmas Presents !

and some other stuffs:
- red jacket/sweater from my sayang's mom
- fishing bag from my sayang's dad

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chanel : Le Blanc De Chanel (sheer illuminating base)

It's a blessing to work in downtown area. I went to Macy's (instead of nordstorms, because that's where I caught my bus home) and I, directly went to the chanel section because I love chanel so much! and I got their "primer". After watching videos on youtube, I found that primer might help me because I always got OILY skin after long hours wearing make-up. I heard/watch/read good review about smashbox's primer, but I prefer to try chanel's because I am using their face products (liquid foundation and compact powder+foundation) PLUS its smell sooo gooood!!! I am so excited to try it on tomorrow on thanksgiving day at my sayang's place! It's a little bit pricy tho! It's $45, and because I am in WA state and the tax is like 9% :(, I ended up paying like $49.50... RAWR!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chanel Exceptionnel

Uhm.. I had this eye shadow quad for like a month, and when the make up artist try it on me, it turned out to be more 'dramatic/black' and i am not really comfortable with it. and i found this video! and i love the look! i will try it :D

Friday, November 14, 2008

Sunday, November 9, 2008

my trip to portland and seattle's sensation

Yesterday i went to portland to get my sister a macbook and to try the famous saburo! hahaha well overall I am satisfied with my trip! hehehe becausee... I got more chanel make up... omg! the more i buy the more i love it! my friend was interested in buying the mascara that i am wearing now: chanel inimitable mascara. so, i told her to get it when we went to portland because its tax free :).. and we went to nordstorm and u know what!! the sales person told us that the mascaras are buy 2 get 1 free!! I WAS SO EXCITED hahahah so i get another 2 inimitable mascara! hehehe and i was planning to buy a liquid foundation as i think the powder ones are not working very well anymore (after watching a bunch of videos on youtube) hahaha and the liquid foundation is SO GOOD!!! :D:D:D:D so happy happy happy! basically thats the only thing that make my trip to portland wonderful! hahaha

i was so tired and go to bed right away once i arrived at my home sweet home! then, the next day (which is today) i am doing my normal sunday routine (going to church and stuffs) I am surprised to see people kept checking out their iphone and not paying attention. after sometime, i figure it out that there is this new facebook profile, sort of like a gossip girl but the indonesian version!! i kinda shocked! but i dont get worried because none of these pictures are mine. but the fact that the people in that profile are somebody that are close to me made me so upset! well, to have an opinion about somebody and to share it with somebody is okay, but to put it in public is just unethical. its not even any of their business. i really curious how will it go and how will it turn out. will the "gossip girl" be revealed.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

day light saving

there are 25 hours today!! it feels soooo loong...! it feels good :) may be it will be good to really have 25 hours a day? hehehe..

because time fly so slow today, after doing our sunday routine (go to church and have lunch together), we decided to go to 202 outlet. it's actually my sis wish, she wants to buy a coach bag that she has been dreaming about. unfortunately, the purse that she's looking for is not there!! on the other hand, i bought a new wallet which i am not planning to buy !! BUT i keep falling in love with this wallet each time i see it! so its okay! well, the worse thing is that coach is the only store that we really wanted to go. so, after that we dont really know what to do, so we went home. STUPID sister! hahahaha..

at home, while cleaning the refrigerator we realize that my friend's bubble teasss are in the fridge. so, we texted him, letting him know that we were at home and he can come whenever to pick up his bubble tea. when he arrived, we chit-chat a lil bit, then we all agree to have dinner... bla bla bla im to lazy to continue..

I just want to say i love my coach wallet and i miss my boyfriend!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First day

uhm. this is actually my third first day of blogging again. i deleted my old blogs :P want to start a new where i can keep my secret secretly. i intend not to tell anybody about this blog! hahaha

well i am currently school-less and jobless. i know i should have looking for a job. its not that i didnt try i tried!! 1000000 timesss... i am just unlucky to graduate when the economy is in real bad shape! i will just trust God who has a great plan for me (i am christian btw, although i think nobody thinks that i am serious with God, well at least my boyfriend thinks that i go to church just to socialize >.< ) anyway, because i have nothing to do, that's why i start blogging again :)

there are actually a few activities that i have been doing while i have nothing to do.
- work at 3d wood puzzle for fun!! (jobless: dont have professional-engineering job)
- subscribe to netflix and addicted to grey's anatomy
- expand my cosmetic collections ( i love chanel )
- looking for jobs
- looking for plan B -> go back to school

haiyaaaaa.... God really please help me. i know i only come to U when i need U. but i know my life is in Ur hand! although i think that i took the wrong major at school, i believe u planned it, and i believe ur plan wont just stop here.

i might look careless and laughing a lot BUT i am actually really worried!!!
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