Sunday, November 2, 2008

day light saving

there are 25 hours today!! it feels soooo loong...! it feels good :) may be it will be good to really have 25 hours a day? hehehe..

because time fly so slow today, after doing our sunday routine (go to church and have lunch together), we decided to go to 202 outlet. it's actually my sis wish, she wants to buy a coach bag that she has been dreaming about. unfortunately, the purse that she's looking for is not there!! on the other hand, i bought a new wallet which i am not planning to buy !! BUT i keep falling in love with this wallet each time i see it! so its okay! well, the worse thing is that coach is the only store that we really wanted to go. so, after that we dont really know what to do, so we went home. STUPID sister! hahahaha..

at home, while cleaning the refrigerator we realize that my friend's bubble teasss are in the fridge. so, we texted him, letting him know that we were at home and he can come whenever to pick up his bubble tea. when he arrived, we chit-chat a lil bit, then we all agree to have dinner... bla bla bla im to lazy to continue..

I just want to say i love my coach wallet and i miss my boyfriend!!

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