Friday, April 3, 2009

5 greatest things

i dont even know why should i even want to post an entry to this blog. but i think the more bad things that i came across today, the more i felt God is testing me now. Okay so firstly i cant sleep last night, so i woke up with a headache!! Secondly, when i called my boyfriend in the afternoon, he sounded mad at me. I kinda know why he did this but i just dont want to jump into a conclusion. Lastly, I got into a car accident again! This is the 2nd time in 2 weeks.

I learnt a lot of church, other people testimonies, and even random people; no matter what happen, give thanks. I am going to try to put together what are the greatest things that I have received today.

1. I have been not wanting to go to Fenty's Bday Party since forever. Dont get me wrong, its not that i dont like her, its simply because i dont really like club/party/nightlife. Well, i have planned not to go to the party, but my friend who is visiting said that she wants to go to a club here. So by killing 2 birds with one stone, i think i should have just go to the party by bringing novita along. With the accident happening, I have a reason not to come :)

2. I am so greatful that everybody is safe during the accident, and as theres not police, I dont get a ticket at a moment.

3. My boyfriend who was mad at me suddenly say sorry and i feel so good. because i think one of the reason i cant sleep last night is because i feel that he kinda mad at me yesterday.

4. Its feel soooooo loooooong that i never really have a quality time with my dearest friend cory. At last, we slowly building the bond again :)

5. I think I will have a good sleep tonight because im so tired and everything that going thru my mind (fentys bday, going out with novi, and my boyfriend) is already over.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Five Greatest Things.

Okay after watching the oprah show i have been inspired to write at least five greatest things everyday! She said this had changed the way she sees the world. positively. I have been inspired by her in a lot of ways. but its just impossible for me to do everything at a same time. So im gonna start with this one.

1) I am so greatful that I can meet my childhood friend in Seattle, Novita. It's her first time in Seattle.
2) When my elder sis and I were buying the ticket back to Indonesia, and I was sitting in the car by myself. There's this two young men that keep looking at me trying to do something. Im scared to death. Im so greatful that they dont do anything to me.
3) I finally can do SEM by myself. Although I have been helped in the beginning but this is my very first time :) No undergrad has been trained to use the SEM.
4) I am greatful that I will have a day off tomorrow. Its been a long day today. Just a perfect time to take a break!
5) Im so greatful to have so many friends, my entire weekend have been filled with a lot of arrangements!
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