Friday, April 3, 2009

5 greatest things

i dont even know why should i even want to post an entry to this blog. but i think the more bad things that i came across today, the more i felt God is testing me now. Okay so firstly i cant sleep last night, so i woke up with a headache!! Secondly, when i called my boyfriend in the afternoon, he sounded mad at me. I kinda know why he did this but i just dont want to jump into a conclusion. Lastly, I got into a car accident again! This is the 2nd time in 2 weeks.

I learnt a lot of church, other people testimonies, and even random people; no matter what happen, give thanks. I am going to try to put together what are the greatest things that I have received today.

1. I have been not wanting to go to Fenty's Bday Party since forever. Dont get me wrong, its not that i dont like her, its simply because i dont really like club/party/nightlife. Well, i have planned not to go to the party, but my friend who is visiting said that she wants to go to a club here. So by killing 2 birds with one stone, i think i should have just go to the party by bringing novita along. With the accident happening, I have a reason not to come :)

2. I am so greatful that everybody is safe during the accident, and as theres not police, I dont get a ticket at a moment.

3. My boyfriend who was mad at me suddenly say sorry and i feel so good. because i think one of the reason i cant sleep last night is because i feel that he kinda mad at me yesterday.

4. Its feel soooooo loooooong that i never really have a quality time with my dearest friend cory. At last, we slowly building the bond again :)

5. I think I will have a good sleep tonight because im so tired and everything that going thru my mind (fentys bday, going out with novi, and my boyfriend) is already over.

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  1. there's always good point on something happened :)


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