Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First day

uhm. this is actually my third first day of blogging again. i deleted my old blogs :P want to start a new where i can keep my secret secretly. i intend not to tell anybody about this blog! hahaha

well i am currently school-less and jobless. i know i should have looking for a job. its not that i didnt try i tried!! 1000000 timesss... i am just unlucky to graduate when the economy is in real bad shape! i will just trust God who has a great plan for me (i am christian btw, although i think nobody thinks that i am serious with God, well at least my boyfriend thinks that i go to church just to socialize >.< ) anyway, because i have nothing to do, that's why i start blogging again :)

there are actually a few activities that i have been doing while i have nothing to do.
- work at 3d wood puzzle for fun!! (jobless: dont have professional-engineering job)
- subscribe to netflix and addicted to grey's anatomy
- expand my cosmetic collections ( i love chanel )
- looking for jobs
- looking for plan B -> go back to school

haiyaaaaa.... God really please help me. i know i only come to U when i need U. but i know my life is in Ur hand! although i think that i took the wrong major at school, i believe u planned it, and i believe ur plan wont just stop here.

i might look careless and laughing a lot BUT i am actually really worried!!!

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