Thursday, November 8, 2012

TOM FORD Cherry Lush

Okay. I cannot believe that I never posted anything about TOM FORD lipsticks.

By far, from my own experience, this is the best lipstick I have ever tried.
It is very moisturizing. 
The texture is very buttery. 
Smells like vanilla (very similar to MAC lipsticks).
It last very long. I start wearing this at 6 am in the morning, it lasted till I have my lunch around 1pm. It even lasted after I ate lunch.
It does not bleed! because even it is moisturizing, it does dries to a matte finish.

My second favorite lipstick brand would be YSL!

Tom Ford Private Blend Lipstick in Cherry Lush is your cooler/bluish red tone lipsticks.
Very classy and it will looks really good on any skin tone. 
I wore this with CHANEL LE CRAYON LÈVRES PRECISION LIP DEFINER (Color: Rouge Profond #57).

I know I look kind of weird here, but I just want to show you that cooler/bluish tone lip color does give you amazing teeth whitening effect. It is because cool tone contrast your warm/yellow tone in your teeth :)

Please tell me what is your favorite lipstick? I really love buying a new lipstick!


  1. I have never own one or any Tom Ford lipstick. My fav lipstick are from YSL and Guerlain.

    1. Yes. i love YSL too. I own a few guerlain, but have not try them yet! have you try giorgio armani?

    2. you should try some tom ford... :)

    3. I have never try tom ford. I am very leery on trying lipstick because my nose is sensitive and very picky in scents. I do not like chanel lipstick because the scent is too strong. I am curious abt giorgio armani and tom ford but too scared to try. Haha i wish they give samples just so i can be comfortable with the scent and know whether i like it or not.

    4. Hello Rosdiana.. Oh no.. thats unfortunate.. well u can always return it if u dont like it... hahaha mumpung bsa balikin d amrik... or may be u can do a blogsale for makeup that does not really works for u... "someone trash can be someone else's treasure" hahaha
      I used to like chanel lipstick, but i think other brands high-end brands are really stepping up their game :) ... so nordstrom is having 10-points event... i am going to splurge a lot on Giorgio Armani.. i want to try their maestro foundation.. and lipsticks... I really love their eyes to kill line!
      Btw, Giorgio armani and YSL is currently having sale till11/22 20%off everything.. code: preview12

  2. i havent found my best lipstick yet. But i love red lipstick too, it looks pretty on you :)

    1. Yoannita, try tom ford deh... its really good!


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