Thursday, November 15, 2012

Chanel [565] Beige

Quick nail of the week. Beige by Chanel. It is a nude (very yellow base) with purple/magenta micro glitter. I honestly cannot really see the glitter once the polish applied to the nails in any sort of lighting. 

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  1. The color is nice. Oh have you tried the holiday collection one? MALICE? Now i really want to get malice. I love nude but Right now i am so into holiday colors: red, green, gold, glittery.

    1. yup its time for the festive color :D
      I do not own Malice... as time goes by.. i dont really like chanel polishes as much as I use too! They chipped really2 easily...!! Deborah Lippmann or Butter can last on my nails for at least 4 days... Chanel.. OMG it can chipped the next day.. I know it differ on colors/formulation... but in general.. it does not last very long @.@


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