Thursday, September 20, 2012

Deborah Lippmann | Modern Love

Hello there! This is a fall 2012 collection by Deborah Lippmann. There is another one that came along with this polish. More fun and playful color - Let's go crazy. 

Modern Love is a taupe/pinkish nude. It is very classy and elegant. My co-worker loves it so much that I gave away my first bottle and I have to re-purchase another one ASAP. I have no color like this in my collection (2 -almost-full- drawers)

Just so you know Deborah Lippmann came up with a new labeling font! It's not fake or anything! Below image shown the comparison between the new label (modern love) and the older one (prelude to a kiss).

Finally the image that I am sure you guys have been waiting for: the SWATCH!
There! I am not lying about how pretty and elegant this color is! It is perfect for a nice dinner date, office, presentation, and others... 

I am sorry for my absence! I have been pretty occupied with work and make-up sessions with clients (not complaining). I have been in a special project too! I have designed a few bracelets that is now for sale on my etsy store - Sephene Jewelry. Do visit please! They are handmade by me :) Let me know if you like the jewelry in the comment section please :)

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  1. Love deborah lippman. Did i read correctly that you gave one of this nail polish to your co worker? If so, I want to be your co worker too. Lol. Love love this color! And now i gotta go and find this color! Psst dont tell my husband because i have just as much nail polidh collections as yours n he thinks i have enough. hah!!!!

    1. Hehehe.. i alaways shop behind his back too :P


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