Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Epilator - Panasonic ES-WD51

what is epilator? 
It is a hair removal tools.
It is when shaver and tweezer marry and had baby together! -_-"
It is like a shaver, but instead of blades, it consists of small tweezers. 

I owned 2 of them; this Panasonic one, and Braun. I got the panasonic epilator sometime in february this year from amazon. I decided to get the panasonic one because it is cordless - so it is easier to remove hair on my legs. I use it for both my armpit and legs and anywhere I need to remove unwanted hair. Panasonic epilator can be use in both dry and wet condition, but I actually never try using it wet. I think the braun epilator removes/pluck better than the panasonic; with the panasonic I have to go through a certain area multiple times (more than the braun). However, the top pink portion of the panasonic is sort of flexible allowing it to get to a more curvy area.

**gross alert** sorry for the hair - I tried to remove them, but it is hard to get everything out. This is the head part of the epilator consist of a lot of small tweezers.

I bought Braun and started using epilator since 2010, back then I mainly use this for my armpit, because I find it really annoying with the cord to remove hair on other part of the body. Ever since I started using it, I found my armpit to discolor a lot (over the course of 2 years +)! When we shaved, we cant really get the root of hair beneath our skin, therefore the under arm appears darker. Whereas plucking them will remove all the way to the root. My armpit hair is not as coarse and thick as it used to be and grow slower and more sparse. 

I think this is a very smart innovation. I love it! It makes "shaving" so much easier. I don't even need mirror to shave, and the result is so much better than blades. I can do it where ever I need too. I bring it along with me in my purse (it comes with a cap) for emergency purposes. I save a ton of money by not going to salon to wax my legs.

One downfall about using the epilator is you have to wait a little bit (about 1mm hair growth) before you can epilate, or else, it will start plucking your skin which will hurt!! So you have to bear with your rainforest armpit for few days... :P Hahaha...

Here is my previous Braun Epilator Haul/Review HERE

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  1. Ini lumayan ngehit di us. Kl ga slh selain dia ada deh merek lain yg katanya lbh hebat...lupa namanyaaaa

    1. iyah.. orang sini soalnya gelian ngeliat bulu2... jadi hair removal is BIG disini... let me know brand yang lbh hebattt!!!!! :P

    2. Bkny pk epilator skt y? Ga tkt bedarah?

    3. pertama2 pake sih berdarah dan sakit... cmn lama2 kayanya kulit kita jadi kebal deh... banyak pengorbanan utk cantik -_-" ... it is pretty much the same as waxing.. if u do waxing quite often i think it should be fine :)


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