Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Best Nail Lady!

me, Rachelle, and Vivi (partner in crime when it comes to shopping)
Rachelle is the best nail lady in town!! Not anymore! because she is moving to Atlanta!!! :((

She works at Nordstrom in downtown Seattle. She is very experienced, patient, meticulous, and very creative in mixing different colors (and finishes) of polishes.. My feet never feel as smooth until Rachelle touches them.. While doing our nails she would share stories and she often share TIPS and TRICKS! Also introduces us the newest beauty gadget out there - she gave me a "clarisonic" for your feet today.   

Besides her wonderful talents, she is the best sales assistance I could ever ask for! My shopping experience become so much easier! I can just email or text her if I ever needed anything and she will get everything ready for me, and I can just pick it up from my car! She remembers what I like and will let me know when they go on sale.. and invites me to events that I would enjoy.

I definitely going to miss you, I wish you all the best, Rachelle! Thank you for everything!

ps: for those of you Atlanta ladies, track her down at Nordstrom!

xoxo, Angela

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