Thursday, October 15, 2009


- little update: Mario Badescu

Hohoho I got this for my going-away-present from my friends :) I havent really play with it because I have to put it in my suitcase right away (im in the process of packing). Packing has not been productive tho' :(

Although i never expect to get gift(s), but im happy to get this palette because there are a lot of people who have been raving about this product. Cant wait till I settle down in my new house!!

Oh! and I received an email from Mario Badescu to receive some samples that might be suitable for my skin. I cant wait to get those too! hohoho im looking forward to try out Mario Badescu skincare line, because if its suitable for my skin I would totally change my skincare routine. this is so much cheaper than Clarins and even Keihl's.

~xoxo Angel

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