Friday, October 9, 2009


I have been invited to come to do make over at MAC counter at Nordstrom today. However, when I got there the MA said that MAC is so behind, thus they have to postpone the make up session for me. I cannot do that because I thought my sayang will be done with work early (he always does come earlier every Friday). So I decided to just cancel the appointment and just pre-order for the upcoming MAC collection.

Then, I walked around Nordstrom, its pretty busy because they have this beauty event going on. I passed by Kiehl's counter to check out the Acai skincare line. Then, the SA approached me and she was not excited about the product. So, I am like "oh may be I should have just tried it some other time". Then, she over me this hand wax massage, and i ended up doing it just because i have nothing to do and i dont want my trip to be such a waste. While she's doing the hand thingy, I looked around and I saw this Acai skincare set, and from then on i cant take my eyes off those red box that is filled with red bottles and some extra gifts. Long story short I ended up buying them! It turned out to be $140++ (without tax), but whatever I really want to try this anyway and I am actually bored with my skincare routine.

After that, I walked further down, and shi seido representative is trying to sell their skin product to me. As my last trip to shi seido counter had changed my life with their mascara base, I cant pass this offer. But the MA is not very sincere doing my make up, and i am not impressed by her work. So I ended up by just buying one lipgloss (rose toffee). Its pretty! but its just a lipgloss. Then I went home! because I literally spent $300 today at nordstrom!

ooohhh!! My sister bought me some MAC Mineralized blushes from the grand duos collection at the CCO! Hohohoh Im super happy with the discounted product! Thanks to ceyun!

xoxo Angel

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