Thursday, March 12, 2009

silver smokey eyes + chanel foundation sample.

okay so lately i have found my love AGAIN. I love chanel so much. the make up, the purse, the clothing, jewellery, everything. but its too expensive that i cant even afford any of it except for the cosmetics :)

a few weeks ago stupid chanel sales assistance in northgate mall push me to buy their newest foundation, lift lumiere. knowing the name, "lift", makes me feel uncomfortable because it usually associated with old women. but somehow i did purchased it. she put the foundation all over my face too. she allowed me to exchange my compact powder too. how nice isnt it?

the next morning when i look at myself in the mirror, im quite surprise to see some redness and bump in my skin. i thought to myself: may be this is because of the period that im going to get soon. so i dont really care too much.

then in the afternoon, we went for a walk at downtown and we went to nordstrom. greedy me asked the chanel sales assistant to give me sample of the lift lumiere so i have a little bit more to use. (btw, lift lumiere so expensive like $70) She looked at me funny and said that my skin doesnt look that old. im so surprised. instead she gave me another sample, pro lumiere. im so shocked to hear that! and i suddenly realized that those foundation is causing the pimples on my face (its not just one pimple ok, there's like 5 altogether). im so mad then we went home then continue to alderwood mall. i brought my lift lumiere for a return. the lady was so nice to me she gave me two foundation sample: mat lumiere and teint innocence.

okok i used both foundation on my face. left: teint innocence and right: mat lumiere. i love both but im not going to buy both because each is around $50. so im debating which one to get. but i think im going to go with the mat lumiere because first of the packaging it come with a pump. then higher spf. and one of my favourite guru in youtube always use that. its $7 more but i will be happy with that :)

oh yah! im going to purchase the grand duo by mac. i have decided which one to get: love rock and moon river. the name is so sweet. im so excited. cant wait till the 19th. that's when we are going to bellevue square nordstrom because my sister has a facial appointment with clarins. so happy :)

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