Sunday, March 1, 2009

Excited for next week !!

So, supposedly, my new blackberry will arrive tomorrow! IM SO EXCITED!! since all the rest of the indos already has!! :):) It is supposed to be here by last week thurs/friday but it was on backorder. stupid tmobile. i got the pearl 8900, i wanted a bold actually but since we are already in t mobile plan *sigh*. but im still so happy and excited :)

Then, my sis and bro came back this morning from vacation to texas. and my sis bought me mac pigment in pink pearl *scream* omg omg omg. such a pretty pink/purple color :) i saw it in my portland trip, i didnt buy because i already had 3 pigments and a paintpot in my hand the other day. hahahaha. at least i wont feel as guilty if i buy it at different time :P

Supposedly, my mac order arrive too on Tuesday! *dancing* and guess what, i ordered pigments 5 of them. i know i m too obsessed :( i really have to cut on buying make up and use my allowance wisely :( anyway! i purchased the pigments in fushia, gold mode, vanilla, rose, and cornflower. we'll see how it look. but i am normally fall in love with all the pigments!

anyway. OMG! time flies so fast. its like christmas yesterday, but its the first day of march already? it felt like the fall quarter just ended, and now its the beginning of spring quarter? It felt that i just start working in lab, but 1 months had passed by. why time have to keep running? why is there only 24 hours a day? why a minute has to be 60 seconds and not 70 seconds?

we human never satisfied for the things that is given for us, we take things for granted, and we can only appriciate it when its gone :(

ps: Happy Birthday my childhood friend, Nori!

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