Sunday, September 22, 2013

LUSH Skincare + Haircare

OMG! I never imagine that I would be so OBSESSED with LUSH! Every time I watched youtube videos, all I see people talking about their bath products (bath bombs and such). I don't really like taking a bath so I was never been interested to step into lush store. Little did I know that they actually sells EVERYTHING.. I mean really everything. From bath stuff, shower stuff, deodorant!, shampoo, skin cares, makeup, and even tooth paste! May be even more...?

Well, anyway, I was waiting to meet up with a friend, but I got to the mall early. I have 1 hour to stroll around. So I decide to go to LUSH. When I get into the store, the lady is very friendly and give me a tour of the entire store. Obviously I was not drawn to any of the bath products but I was excited to see that they do carry some skincare stuffs.

I have not really been using any skincare because everything I tried seems to be not working. The only things I use is cleanser, eye-cream, oil-free moisturizer, and spot treatment (all Keihl's products). So I told her my skin problem - I have oily, acne-prone skin. I hate using moisturizer or any skin care in general because at the end of the day I will have really oily skin and so on. So she starts grabbing a bunch of different items and start giving me a full skincare demonstration on my hand. There are so many different products that I am so overwhelmed! and in the middle of the demo, my friend told me that she's already in the mall. So I was a little bit in a rush and didn't get everything that was demonstrated to me, I just get a few items that really interest me and something that I didn't really have.

After trying the products for a few days, I completely in-love with everything I got! So I decide to go back and get some more products.

The first thing I got is toner. I first got the smaller bottle of "breath of fresh air". Obviously I really love this! I decided to go back and get the bigger bottle plus another one "tea tree water". I really love breath of fresh air because it gives you a very light and clean mist, and it smells amazing!

Second, I got the "grease lightning" - this is actually a spot treatment for your blemishes. But I use this as an all over serum for my troubled area - cheek and forehead. I really love the tight, cooling feeling that it gives. I dont think this is a very effective product for a spot treatment, but it is perfect to prevent and it is mild enough to use it on the entire troubled area. If you are looking for a really effective spot treatment I recommend Keihl's Blue Herbal Spot Treatment

On my second trip, I decide to get the eye-cream since eye cream is one of my favorite skin care products! "enchanted eye cream" is the only eye-cream that lush carry. I really love how fast-absorbing and light this eye cream feels! I still love my Keihl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. The Keihl's one is more rich and creamy, but still absorb really fast - thats why I love it!

Then, I decided to try "lovely jubblies"! This is a breast cream and it smells so good! I dont know, I dont really use it as a breast cream, I just use it as a neck cream! I dont think I would repurchase this though! Im so lazy to put it on! -_-"

I got 2 samples of "vanishing cream" and "imperialis". I love them both, may be a little bit more love for vanishing cream. But, you see that little number, that's the price of each moisturizer! Vanishing cream is like double the price of imperialis!

I am currently using Keihl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion. And look how much I still have left. The bottle is like full! I probably should not think about buying a new moisturizer before finishing this! I actually have no complain about this moisturizer. It works really well on my oily skin and the price of $26 for 4.2 fl oz is a pretty reasonable. I might just stick to this once I ran out.

Okay! now to the hair stuff! THIS IS so GOOD! OMG. It makes my hair so soft and I have naturally wavy hair. These and the next item make it so soft and STRAIGHT! "fair trade honey" shampoo and "love love joy joy" conditioner. Both of these smells so amazing. Its like showering in a garden full of flower!! I really love how LUSH include and share the stories behind their products.


 The last item I got from LUSH is "R&B". Seriously! You need to try it yourself! I love it! My hair still smell amazing after 2nd day not washing it! and it seriously make my hair so soft and relax the wave that I have in my hair!

Another thing that I really love about lush is that they put when the product is manufactured and when it expires. So you know that you are getting fresh products. I know all cosmetics have like codes and there is a way to find out when it is manufactured and such. But nobody know how to actually read that code, and every brand will have different code. 

I beg you to just go there and talk to the sales associate and try a few items. They are amazing! If you lives around Seattle area I would totally take you shopping to Lush with me ;) Their products are really good quality, it really works, smells amazing, and is made of natural ingredients. If you ever try anything from them, PLEASE share them with me! I really love to try more products! Thank you for stopping by and took time in reading this looong post. I hope you enjoy and try some lush products (haha)! 

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