Friday, June 22, 2012

my first Guerlain Make-up haul :)

** scream ** I am so excited to finally get this on the mail today!! 
I heard good things about guerlain products, but their prices is really "good" too.

I have oily skin, and I am currently breaking out :(
What I am looking in foundation:
- Since I currently have a lot of acne scars and some active acne, I need something that will covers ALL of them.
- Something that is long lasting and does not transferred; whenever I blot the excess oil on my skin, I usually ended up with no foundation. 
- Somehow foundations ALWAYS oxidized on my skin, making my skin looks darker and dull. Hopefully the pearly effect will brighten my skin

Parure Extreme || Luminous Extreme Wear Foundation
Water Resistant - Non Transferable - SPF 25 PA++ 
Radiance that lasts? This is the miracle achieved by PARURE. Its ability to keep the dazzling natural radiance of its colour and matt finish for up to eight hours no matter what happens! Beneath its radiant film, the complexion is matt and natural, imperfections and pores are minimised and the colour remains true. The skin is ready to face all the ups and downs of the day with confidence.

Meteorites Perles || Light Diffusing Perfecting Primer
All the “light” expertise of Météorites in a light-diffusing base with magical correcting and perfecting pearls. Suspended in a cool gel with an unrivalled water content to revitalise the skin, the pearls transform on contact with the skin into an illuminating base that gives the complexion a natural matt look and evens out imperfections for instant radiance without shine. One shade of delicate dew-drop pearls created by gold, pink, blue and green sparkling micro particles that gently illuminate the face and conceal imperfections, for a complexion that looks fresh, matt and even. A divine alchemy that is at once make-up and skincare that imparts a radiant and healthy complexion

Meteorites Compact || Pressed Powder
Guerlain, the pioneer and leader of powders, develops a pressed powder in perfect osmosis with the skin. This fine, ultra-light and imperceptible correcting powder delivers radiance in its purest form thanks to light itself. The secret of this powder case: a constellation of miniscule multi-coloured radiant pearly particles with yellow, orange, green, red, violet or white reflections to recreate ideal radiance on the complexion. Nestled in an elegant powder case, this compact powder slips into the palm of your hand, the latest “it bag” or your makeup pouch… It goes everywhere you do to showoff a radiant complexion in all circumstances. In a round pebble, decorated with the legendary pink rosette and adorned with an integrated mirror as well as a lovely and incomparably soft puff, these new Météorites will be instantly embraced to become the ally of a perfect complexion.

Don't all of them sounds REALLY good? Let see!


  1. great haul, looking forward for the reviews :D but btw i have oily skin too and people talked about hourglass stuff, wanna try them but i dont think i will make another sephora purchase shoertly, i still got couple foundation to finish yet and considering the price, they make me give up lol

    1. Yoannita, I have tried the hourglass, I prefer this primer! I have posted some updates/first impression of these products.. check it out! Iyah sih mahal banget... but skali2 boleh lah :P
      Btw, sephora is having 10% off sih.. kalo engga code nya thrill - I dont know if it still works yah...

  2. envy envy envy.. really great haul! hehehe. btw, i am looking forward to read the review :).. salam kenal ya :).. aku hana dari

    1. Hana, I have posted the first impression on these products.. check out the latest post... :) Salam kenal balik!!


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