Thursday, August 12, 2010

Haul | False Eyelashes: Model 21 Lashes

I recently place an order at (on Aug 10th) and my order arrived today!! - Very fast service/shipping. The lashes are around $6.95 to $10 for 10 pairs which is not bad at all. In addition, if you purchase 3 sets you will get free shipping, and if u purchase 4 sets you will get free shipping and additional 1 set (10 pairs) of lashes of their choice. So, of course, I ordered 4 sets and get one set for free. Here are the pictures:

ps: hahaha I steal my fiancee dslr camera, and I dont really know how to use it. So the picture quality is so bad. Focused on the wrong angle and stuffs.

#1. Its a crisscross with medium length.

#2.  Its a crisscross, and its so much longer than #1

#13. Its a crisscross and its shorter than #1.
This is the most natural false lashes of this purchase.

#19. Its a crisscross with extra volume on the middle part.
This is as long as the #2 lashes

#21. This a combination of crisscross and normal one.
This one is also has the same length as #2
I am very very happy with this purchase. Its very affordable and the service is really really good. I am not sure if this is a fake "model 21 eyelashes" or not, but these lashes are not bad quality at all. 

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