Saturday, February 20, 2010

Found myself: Saying No.

i just realize why is it hard for me to say 'no' when somebody asked me to go somewhere, or do something even when i know that i wont be happy doing so.

after going to whale watching, we planned to watch a movie right after, but all of us were tired so we decide to go home and take a rest. and i dont feel like going to movie because i feel so comfortable at home.

my friend asked me to call the other friends to ask them that they are still up for the movie. i hesitate myself because i am 90% sure that they are going to give me excuses. but i did it anyway and i got the respond that i am expecting. truthfully i dont like rejection thats why i was hesitant to ask them.

then i realized that i dont really feel like going to movie. im so tired. and i think i am still dizzy from the sea sick. but its so hard for me to say 'no' because i dont want people to feel the same way like i do when i rejected them.

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