Sunday, July 10, 2011

Current Obsessions ATM - July 12th, 2011

1. Yves Saint Laurent
  • Foundation: Teint Resist.
  • Concealer/Highlighter: Touche Eclat
  • Mascara: Faux Cils
2. Chanel
  • Foundation: Vitalumiere Aqua
  • Powder Foundation: White Essentiel - can only get it in ASIA
  • all blush, bronzer, and eyeshadow. 

I really cant decide which one I like more between CHANEL VITALUMIERE AQUA or YSL TEINT RESIST. I feel like the Chanel is very light and does not have as much coverage as the YSL foundation. I do have a pretty good skin at the moment, so I do not need at lot of coverage. I think both of this foundations are really really good for people who have oily skin or for summer time. Chanel foundation has pretty high alcohol content, it will create flakiness on a dry skin. YSL has very good oil control and staying power.

YSL TOUCHE ECLAT: I know I know this is not a concealer, BUT I have been using this for a concealer. Hands down this is the best "concealer" for me. I feel like ALL the concealer that I have tried are too heavy or too creamy, and therefore it creases within the fine lines. Whereas touche eclat has a very dry and light consistency. It is pretty dry that I have to quickly buff into the skin once the product is out of its container. It does not have a good coverage since it is just a highlighter, however the brightening property is so good that it hides the dark circle under my eyes. LOVE it!

YSL FAUX CILS is a product that I have re-discover in my make up collection. Before, I rediscover this mascara, I have been using any mascara with SHI SEIDO mascara base. The combination gives me the curl and length that I want, however I feel like there's not enough volume. One of my co-worker use and love this mascara, and I'm not kidding, her lashes look like fake eyelashes. So I went and repurchase this mascara. Ever since I put aside my FAVORITE mascara base and use YSL FAUX CILS!!! (somehow, the mascara base does not really work well with the mascara). Although this mascara gives me the perfect length and volume, I am still working on getting the curl that I want. I am thinking of buying an electronic eyelash curler to solve this problem.

CHANEL WHITE ESSENTIEL has been my favorite for years. I have been wearing this powder on and off because I want to find a very similar product as I mention above you can only find this product in ASIA :( . So far, there is nothing compares to this. This powder has a very dry texture and therefore it doesn't make my face looks oily. Also, this powder has a brightening power, which I love because I am a typical asian that loves FAIR skin tone.

NARS: who doesn't love NARS products? Who doesn't know that ALL of them has very good PIGMENTATION and staying power? a little goes a long way. I think their blushes, bronzers, and eyeshadows are my favorite among other brands! They don't really have a lot of color selection like MAC has though. But I don't love all NARS products, I have tried both their sheer glow and sheer matte foundation, I don't really care for them. 

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