Sunday, September 20, 2009

Urban Decay | Flipside Eyeshadow Dupes

These are some of the potential dupes for flipside eyeshadow by urban decay:

Flipside eyeshadow is very beautiful, it is bluish green (turquoise) kinda color.

(from left to right: UD Flipside, Ulta Calypso, Ben Nye Pigment Turquoise, BE Azure)

Picture with Flash:

Picture without flash:

I think these 3 e/s are good dupes for the UD Flipside. Of course, dupes will not be the same as the original because eyeshadow are like human :) each of them are unique in their own ways.

The differences:
Ulta Calypso - I think this eyeshadow has more blue as compared to flipside, although the finish is almost the same. Both has a nice sheen finished.
Ben Nye Pigment Turquoise - The color of the eyeshadow is very close!! but this pigment has more shimmer as compared to flipside.
Bare Essenctual Azure - This eyeshadow is very similar to Ben Nye Pigment in Turquoise. Color is very close match, but it has a lot more shimmer. This can be seen from the picture with flash, both Ben Nye and BE reflect more light than the other two eye shadows.

ps: These pictures are taken by my Blackberry that is why the quality is not the best.

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