Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekend - Trip to Portland

It sounds very stupid, but I went to Portland twice this weekend (on friday and yesterday). On Friday, my sayang wanted to go to a Sportsman's Show. He said that it is the biggest sportsman show in the northwest area. Sportsman show is a show, where you can buy stuffs, get free stuffs, look whats out there, get a tour, and others; but it is all about outdoor activity like fishing, hunting, camping, etc.

And on Saturday I went to Portland with my brother, sister and roomate. Well nothing really special because I am not expecting anything from both trips. I did not know what to shop, plus i have spent so much money!!! argh!! I just bought a rock and republic jeans for a $100 and some make up stuffs. Me and my friends went shopping on Thursday till the mall close!!

So this weekend is the most exhausting weekend for me :(. Oh yeah! I just read in Glamour magazine that if we dont get enough sleep, there's a higher chance for us getting fatter!! The mag said that we tend to eat/snack more when we are tired. Aiyo! i think i need to sleep more!! btw, im getting fatter!! ohh nooo...

anyhoo.. im posting some of the picture that we tooked in portland. althoo my hair look so bad :(

My sayang

My siblings

My roomate

Oh yah, I had an interview on Thursday. I dont know how it went.. but I am going to hear the good/bad news tomorrow -.-" I am so nervous.

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